The Collectible Art Gallery

After years of travel, and the success of the exclusive Rivertown Gallery in New York, we are excited to host several events and exhibitions of our eclectic collection over the next five months, at The Henderson Gallery on Thistle Street Lane NW. The gallery is an exciting and dynamic arts venue in the heart of Edinburgh's Georgian New Town.

June 13th - July 3rd
International Collection

This exhibition will bring together a collection of over 100 paintings from many fine artists around the world. Including Post Abstract Expressionist, Larry Rivers (USA). Contemporary, Charles Farrell (Scotland). Mid Century Modernist, Giuseppe Napoli (Italy). Outsider Artist, Purvis Young (USA). Neo-Expressionist, Peter Robert Keil (Germany). Collagist, Konstantin Bokov (Russia).

July 4th - July 24th
Golf Sculpture

Featuring the sculptures of Florida based artist Jeff Diamond . Recycling "old memories into a green art form" Working with reclaimed materials, Jeff is dedicated to repurposing items once destined for the trash bin. Using discarded golf clubs, this art form has evolved into the creation of both sculptured spheres and functional art.
Meet the artist Jeff Diamond on July 4th from 7pm - 9pm at the opening reception.

Native American Indian Jewelry

In contrast we are proud to exhibit an impressive selection of Native American Indian Jewelry. Handmade silver, turquoise and coral pieces from the Navajo, Pueblo and Hopi silversmiths of the mid-west. All individual and unique pieces.